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National validation requirements for planning applications

A completed application form:
The standard application form can be accessed and completed by the applicant or someone working on their behalf, through the Planning Portal. Alternatively, an application can be completed on a paper version of the form provided by the planning authority or downloaded from the Planning Portal; and

Compliance with the following national validation requirements:

Plans and drawings. As a minimum, applicants will need to submit a ‘location plan’ that shows the application site in relation to the surrounding area and a 'site plan'/'block plan' which is a more detailed 'birds-eye' view of the proposed development within the application site.

Any plans or drawings must be drawn to an identified metric scale, and in the case of plans, must show the direction of north. Although not a requirement of legislation, the inclusion of a linear scale bar is also useful, particularly in the case of electronic submissions.

Ownership Certificate and Agricultural Land Declaration. This is a certificate which provides certain details about the ownership of the application site and confirms that an appropriate notice has been served on any other owners of the site (and any agricultural tenants). The forms of notice are in Schedule 2 to the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure (England) Order 2015). An application is not valid, and therefore cannot be determined unless the relevant certificates have been completed.

Design and Access Statement. This is required for some planning applications and the further details are available in the section relating to Design and Access Statements  on the Planning Portal website

In addition, there are specific requirements in relation to outline planning applications and applications that are subject to Environmental Impact Assessment.

The correct application fee. The Planning Portal has a Guide to the Fees for Planning Applications in England and a Fee Calculator or you can ask your Planning Department to confirm the correct fee.

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