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What does having an A1 shop mean?

Use Class A1 comprises shops including post offices, ticket or travel agencies, shops selling sandwiches or other cold food for consumption off the premises, hairdressers, funeral directors, establishments displaying goods to the general public such as kitchen or double-glazing showrooms, hire shops serving the general public (as opposed to plant hire businesses, etc), dry cleaners, premises receiving goods from the general public to be washed, cleaned or repaired and internet cafes.

Use Class A1 (shops) benefit from a variety of different permitted development opportunities to change use without requiring a full planning application. There are a number of conditions and limitations to such a change however, and further detailed information about this can be found here on the Planning Portal website. This website also details other restrictions to permitted development that may be in place, such as planning conditions or Article 4 Directions, and it is recommended you get confirmation from the local planning authority about changes of use proposed using permitted development rights.

If an A1 premises does not benefit from permitted development rights, planning permission may be sought to change an A1 shop to another use. You can learn more about this process here.

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